People come to work with me for a variety of reasons; they may feel that they are struggling with a particular life event or issue, they may notice that past events are having a negative impact on their present day thoughts and behaviours, they may feel stuck in certain patterns and habits, or they may want to more deeply understand themselves in order to cultivate a deeper and more fulfilling engagement with their life and relationships.

Our work together will allow us to explore both your internal and external experiences to shed the light of awareness on what may be contributing to the places that feel stuck and confusing, as well as those that cultivate a sense of clarity, balance and well being.  When we are provided with a space that is non-judgmental, supportive and creative, we may feel a greater ease to look at the places within where there is fear, hurt, anger and anything else that we feel an aversion to accepting about ourselves.  While this is sometimes painful and messy work, when it is done with gentleness, skill and empathy it can lead to relief of some of our suffering for both ourselves and those around us as well as greater satisfaction toward fulfilling our potential as a human being.  It is in this awareness that transformation can occur, as our natural wisdom will lead us there.