Finding the Flow

We know it when we are in it - our flow, the zone, a gut feeling, common sense, perfect balance, effortless effort.  It is always available to us and yet if we try to find it, to force it, that doesn't seem to work.  Rather, it is more about quieting down and allowing the space from which it can arise naturally.  Like a seed that simply performs its perfect function of bursting open and manifesting into a flower.  It is amazing!  And also very natural if given the appropriate conditions.

When we are able to quiet our usual turbulent and analytical thinking, we allow the space for clear thinking and insight or what might even be thought of as common sense.  We do not lose our ability to analyze and figure things out, but rather we use that ability more efficiently and appropriately.  It is from this state that we can be self-motivated from a place of curiosity and practicality as opposed to being motivated by fear or a need to prove our worth.

So what stops us from tuning into our natural wisdom?  It seems many of us are under the impression that we are "staying on top of everything" if we constantly go over our various situations and problems.  What actually might be needed is a deep trust that our wisdom or common sense will naturally arise and bring our attention to what is needed in each and every moment.  And that may very well include figuring out a problem, reflecting on the past, or planning and organizing something for a future time.

Our job is to cultivate and strengthen this state of mind that is potentially available to all of us.  Meditation, uniting with nature, creative engagement, exercise and any simple task with our full awareness can aid in this cultivation of a healthier, saner, state of mind.