The Power of the Pen

During a therapy session, an individual is provided with an opportunity to process through talking.  During a meditation session, we are sometimes able to process or have an insight in the quiet stillness of our minds.  And when we journal our thoughts and feelings, we are able to process further through writing down the words.  

When we actually write down the words, they are there in front of us and can reflect back at us in black and white, allowing us to possibly see things from a different perspective.  An objectivity is created.  

The words that we choose, the metaphors that we use, capitals and underlining - all of these choices may help us see more clearly what is going on for us.

Those that journal regularly often find that they may sit down to write something and through the process of writing, deeper insights emerge and a different story or perspective unfolds than originally thought.  

It can also be a time to feel completely uncensored in a way that we may not always feel in the presence of others.  For this reason, some people may want to keep their journal under lock and key or destroy (or delete) the pages after they write them.  Other people find it very helpful to look back at their entries, giving them a sense that they are progressing and not staying stuck.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, recommends what she has termed Morning Pages - 3 pages of writing every morning where you write continuously without stopping to allow whatever arises to come out onto the page.

But these are my words.  Write down your words and see for yourself if this is an effective strategy for your own processing, clarity and sense of well being.