Natural Wisdom

I chose the tagline "engage your natural wisdom", because it embodies the core of how I approach healing, growth and change.   So what does it mean?

It can be tempting - and discouraging - to look at ourselves and believe that there is something wrong with us, something that needs fixing.  Any of us that have gone down this road, come to realize that this is a futile endeavor that often leads to making us feel worse instead of better.  So how can we grow and make positive changes?

Self-Love, Self-Acceptance.  Sounds great right?  But how do we actually cultivate this?

Rather than trying hard to love ourselves we can adopt and cultivate a natural curiosity about ourselves and our life.  When we look, listen and feel with genuine and gentle curiosity it allows for everything to be there without a black and white judging mind of what is good and what is bad.  In this way, we can simply see the cause and effect of things and make choices from that perspective.  We can more easily see when something is out of balance and make the adjustments.  We replace our usual critical mind with a curious mind.  We learn to use objectivity in balance with subjectivity in a way that does not deny our sense of self but actually allows for the space where our natural wisdom ~ our intuition, our higher self, our God nature, our Buddha nature - call it what you will - can naturally arise.  That place of grounded knowing, without doubt and at the same time void of an egotistic arrogance or fake confidence.

Ok.  Great.  But how do we cultivate this type of gentle curiosity?  

For some it is a daily mindfulness practice - meditation, yoga.  For others it is prayer or contemplation.  Sport, dancing, writing, engaging with nature, or an art discipline ... to mention a few.  Experiment and see what resonates for you and your own natural wisdom.  

When we begin to recognize and engage more with our natural wisdom we can begin to let go of worrying if we are doing something right or wrong, good or bad and instead rest in trusting our own deepest experience.